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Photo of a black wire grocery basket full of fruits and vegetables on a light grey background. The basket contains orange carrots, yellow corn, red tomatoes, a red bell pepper, light brown potatoes, green leaf lettuce, and oranges.

Produce Prescriptions

SuperSNAP logo. The words are in all caps, in a sans serif font that looks like its as written with a marker. "Super" is a lime green color and "SNAP" is a dark green. To the right of the words is a red apple with a lime green leaf and a brown stem.

SuperSNAP provides $40 per month for fruits and vegetables at Food Lion stores across North Carolina. SuperSNAP can be used to buy fresh, frozen, and canned fruits and vegetables without added sugar, salt, or fat.

Using SuperSNAP is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

  1. Sign up at your local health center or clinic
  2. Load $40 onto your MVP card by making a purchase of any amount using both your MVP and SNAP EBT cards
  3. Spend SuperSNAP each time you shop by using your MVP card to purchase eligible fruits and vegetables

To be eligible, individuals must:

  1. Be a registered patient at a participating clinic
  2. Be a current SNAP recipient
  3. Have a targeted medical condition.

SuperSNAP participants can spend their $40 per month at any North Carolina Food Lion store.


Pro Tip: If you ever have an issue redeeming your SuperSNAP, keep your receipt! Call the person who enrolled you and send them a photo or a copy of your receipt so that we can get any issues resolved ASAP.